Why is it important to write and speak correctly?

A random assortment of people have been asked what they think when they encounter examples of “bad” English. These are some of their unedited comments:

  • “Poor speech and writing is a sign of poor education. That might not be considered important [in certain circles], but when it comes to job interviews and conducting business, you'll be treated as an idiot”.


  • “To be blunt, if you don't speak correctly, you sound stupid, like you do not have a good education. Whether you like it or not, people in general look down upon people who communicate poorly when they have the ability to communicate well. The ability to speak and write correctly matter, because it allows you to communicate with ease; so it will create less confusion, to make yourself understood.”


  • “I think it is very important. It may not be right but you are judged by the way you speak and write. If you take the time to speak correctly, you will be taken more seriously in life. If you sound ignorant, people will assume you are. Very simple.”


  • “I still care very much about all of those things. I belong to a pen pal website, and whenever I get an e-mail from someone with bad grammar wanting to be a pen pal, or someone who substitutes "u" for "you" and stuff, I do not respond to their e-mails. I find it bad etiquette."

  • “I guess that some people may have accepted that; I am not one of them and abhor the mutilation of the English language that I see on a daily basis. Other than that I am quite a laid back individual!”


  • “Sadly, I think ignorance and laziness are to blame for this disaster. I still find it frustrating when people are somehow unable to tell the difference between 'their', 'they're' and 'there' etc.”


What can we do then to write and speak correctly?


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