Russian Language Services


We translate:

  • technical manuals
  • commercial and legal documents
  • websites
  • brochures
  • certificates
  • contracts
  • correspondence (letters and emails)
  • and any other printed or electronic materials.

We can also translate your CV and primary profile on LinkedIn into Russian or English. It would allow any person searching LinkedIn to see your profile in their language. 

Our areas of expertise are:

Law and Law Enforcement        Medicine

Oil and Gas Industry                  Tourism and Hospitality

Petroleum Geology                    Food and Drink Industry

Reservoir Engineering                Manufacturing and Engineering 

Translation Accuracy Certification - provided on request

Certification by a Notary Public

If you need  a copy of your original document to be certified by a Notary Public as a true copy, we recommend the excellent service at  Mubasher Choudry Family Law Solutions in Aberdeen.   


In 2012 Braemar Castle commissioned a Russian translation of the information sheet we provide for overseas visitors. We were delighted with the service and with the result. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently. The satisfaction of our Russian visitors confirmed our confidence in the translation provided by TransAberdeen.


Doreen Wood, Marketing Director,

Braemar Castle and Braemar Community Ltd.

I was delighted at the prompt and efficient manner in which my inquiry was handled and in particular that the translation of the document I requested was delivered within a day of having instructed the work.


T.A.Mullen, Partner

Mullen and Co


  • interpreting at oil and gas service companies - comprehensive language support during client visits, board meatings, manufacturing and production sites visits, sightseeing for clients 
  • business meetings and negotiations
  • interpreting for law firms 
  • interpreting at medical appointments in hospitals and health centres
  • Interpreting for Police and Immigration authorities 
  • Interpeting at Local Government Departments : 
  1. Social Services 
  2. Housing  
  3. Economic Development
  4. Fuctions and Receptions
Russian language translator Elena Sargeant at work at Aberdeenshire Council reception for children from Gomel, Aberdeen's twin city
  • 2o years+  of experience in interpreting at business and oil & gas industry training events and courses in Aberdeen between English and Russian.
  • at conferences and seminars including Offshore Europe Exhibitions in Aberdeen
  • comprehensive support in inter-language communication, transportation and administration to clients


Russian Language Teaching

Flexible intensive training at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, as well as Russian for Business.


Teaching can take place either at your/ your institution's/company's venue or at a venue arranged by TransAberdeen Language Services.

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